taking the work out of social networking



What is elfriendo?
elfriendo is a MySpace related service. It's designed for people who have no time to fill in a profile, or would like to save time blending in with other fans of a certain interest. You can use elfriendo to measure compatibility of profiles and interests, to make a profile based on your interests, or to have a profile makeover when you feel your profile is no longer properly representing you. The outcomes are suggested fields, ready for you to tweak and customize.

Where does elfriendo get my fresh data from?
First of all, elfriendo uses collaborative filtering to suggest interests that are likely to be mentioned together. Secondly, elfriendo suggests interests based on those mentioned in a network of friends.

Is elfriendo making me into a fakester?
No. elfriendo provides you with interests that you either have or may well have. You may edit your new interests, should they appear to be less you. elfriendo furnishes suggested fields.

Why are not all the fields filled in?
Certain groups of people fill in few fields. The number of fields filled in, as well as the number of interests per field, have been calculated so as to optimize your compatibility with the group.

Why does it take a minute before my fresh fields are suggested?
elfriendo uses existing data from MySpace, to serve you the suggested fields, or measure your compatibility. Unlike Google, this is done live and therefore takes a minute.

Does elfriendo store MySpace data on its servers?
elfriendo analyzes MySpace data in real time, and does not store either MySpace's data or the newly generated suggested fields. If you would like to use the results of elfriendo at a later time, you should save the output.

Why does Elfriendo look the way it does?
Elfriendo blends with the Web 2.0-compliant look and feel: simple, yet luscious.

What is friendability?
Friendability means compatibility with friends in social networks, just like 'friending' refers to adding a friend in an online social networking environment.

Do I have to pay for the service?
No. It's free!

I'd like elfriendo to keep my fields fresh without having to do anything. Is there a premium service?
We're working on it! You'll soon be able to sign up for the elfriendo Power Premium Pro Service. elfriendo will refresh your fields automatically, and auto-form-fill your MySpace profile. Coming soon is the elfriendo Power Premium Pro Platinum Service, too. It will keep your fields fresh for six months or longer. It auto-form-fills your MySpace Profile on a montly basis. No more cutting and pasting!

Who is behind elfriendo? How did it come into being?
elfriendo is a project of the Govcom.org Foundation, Amsterdam, in collaboration with the Digital Methods Initiative, conducted at the Netherlands Media Art Institute, January 2008. It is the result of the Open Workspace, Space for People: Suggested Fields.